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Is IQ Option a reliable broker or not? – In the money related area, it is elusive a decent agent in light of the fact that the choice is very huge. On the web, you can peruse a ton about tricks and misrepresentation. Intelligence level Option is extremely well known for dealers, however is it extremely worth to put away your cash there and how great it the broker? – In this audit read increasingly about the realities and the conditions for merchants.

The official homepage of IQ Option


Intelligence level Option was subsidized in 2013 as a Binary Options Broker for everyone. The fortifying of the organization is the low speculation sum (least store) and the adaptable exchanging stage. The agent is situated in Yiannis Nicolaides Business Center, Agiou Athanasiou Avenue 33, 4102, Agios Athanasios, Limassol, Cyprus (EU) and is there controlled by the CySEC as well.

These days there are in excess of 2 million exchanges executed on the stage day by day. The merchant needs to give the dealer an across the board stage with an enormous wide range of advantages and money related items. By and by, I know this representative since 2015 and they generally improve their administration and offer for merchants. With a rising client base, the payouts of the intermediary are rising as well. 2017 they pulled back in excess of 11 million $ consistently.

Facts about the company: 

  • Central command in Cyprus (EU)
  • Broker since 2013
  • You can utilize little speculation sums (1$)
  • Across the board exchanging stage
  • High resource benefit of 100% for Binary Options
  • No concealed charges

How safe is the broker? – Regulation and safety of customer funds

The dealer is situated in the European monetary territory and utilizations the best banks for the customer’s money. The specialist cash is isolated from the client’s assets. This is a major bit of leeway and erases the irreconcilable situation. Moreover, they utilize distinctive encoding systems for giving a sheltered stage.

The exchanging account is exceptionally protected as well. For instance, you can utilize 2-factor validation. After your login, you will get a SMS message with a login code. You get possibly access to your record when you utilize your cell phone. The choice can be turned on or off.

Facts about the safety:

  • Directed in Europe by the CySEC
  • Safe client assets on various banks
  • Managed installment strategies
  • Wellbeing alternatives for your record

Irreconcilable situation is a basic theme for the most representatives. Not for IQ Option. The representative fences the places of its customers in the genuine market for Forex, CFD, and Crypto. Then again, they support the Binary Options between the dealers and there is no irreconcilable circumstance. All in all, the agent is perhaps the most secure organization on the planet and payouts are guranteed.

Review of the conditions for traders and trade offer

On the exchanging stage are in excess of 500 unique resources available. You can exchange them with Binary Options or Forex/CFD. Likewise exchange Stocks, Options, ETFs, and digital forms of money with the base measure of 1 dollar.

Assets of the IQ Option platform

The most exchanged money related item on the stage is Binary Options. You can pick an expiry time between 30 seconds and toward the month’s end. Intelligence level Option gives a broker the adaptability to build up his own exchanging style. The advantage benefit of Binary Options is contrasted with different agents exceptionally high. With a typical record, you get some time over a 100% return. The VIP account gives you 5-20% more return (accessible with more than 3000$ store).

Forex, Commodities, Stocks, and Cryptocurrencies are tradeable with a spread of under 1.0 pip. The spread relies upon your benefit and economic situations. Moreover, you can exchange with a most extreme influence of 1:1000. That is exceptionally high, yet you can change the influence before each exchange. European dealers need to utilize the greatest influence of 1:30 as a result of the new guideline.

In determination IQ Option establishes an entirely dependable connection for me. The scope of advantages is very high and the charges are at the absolute bottom contrasted with different representatives.

Advantages for traders:

  • One dealer for various budgetary items and resources
  • Serious exchanging expenses
  • Quick execution for exchanges
  • Exchange all day, every day on the stage
Binary Options, Forex, CFDsCommodities, Stocks, Forex, Cryptos100%+Less than 1.0 pip


Level of intelligence Option offers an interesting exchanging stage (picture beneath) for the program, work area, cell phones, and tablets. From my experience, the stage is adaptable and truly adjustable. The objective of IQ Option is it to make exchanging exceptionally straightforward. Tenderfoots ought to be acquainted with the stage in no time flat.

It is an across the board platform because IQ Option offers such a great amount of chances to put resources into the money related markets. You gain admittance to a wide scope of benefits with a couple of snaps. The exchanges are plainly appeared in the stage so straightforwardness is given.

Utilize various sorts of diagrams and famous markers for your own system. You can redo the outline without anyone else. Multicharts for a superior examination are accessible. It would be excessively in the event that I give all of you the choices on this page. Simply anticipate the advantage value bearing and open your first exchanges. You can generally exchange a long or a short position. In end IQ Option got a standout amongst other exchanging stages contrasted with different merchants.

Screenshot of the Trading Platform

Moreover, the platform is accessible as an application for work area, cell phone or tablet. The dealer says that the application for the PC is a lot quicker than the web form. The merchant’s portfolio is finished with versatile exchanging for its customers.

Benefits of the platform:

  • Across the board stage
  • Multicharts
  • A wide scope of markers
  • Adaptable and adjustable
  • For work area, program, cell phone, and tablet (applications)
  • Quick exchange execution

Professional charting and analysis is possible

For examination, it is essential to utilize the diagram. Different strategies can be cultivated with the exchanging stage. Intelligence level Option gives 4 unique sorts of graphing. You can tweak them inside the shading and the time span. The settings are naturally spared by the stage or you can do it physically.

iq option review


Chart types:

  • Line
  • Candles
  • Bars
  • Heikin-Ashi

Utilize in excess of 18 distinctive time allotments. It is conceivable to use between a 5-second diagram and a 1-month chart. The decent variety of alternatives is exceptionally immense on the stage. The Broker consistently attempts to improve its idea for his customers.

Another point to make reference to is the graphical devices and markers. Utilize in excess of 5 distinctive graphical instruments (included Line, Trend Line, Horizontal Line, Vertical Line, and Fibonacci Lines). Specialized examination works dependably in the business sectors and is utilized by over 100 years of money related exchanging. Likewise, the graphical devices are adjustable inside the hues and the thickness. For instance, you can secure them and they won’t move later on.

Exchange with in excess of 20 distinctive specialized markers. The highlights are accessible in the versatile application as well. The most well known pointers are the Moving Average, Bollinger Bands, RSI and ATR. Taking everything into account, the dealer gives a major scope of various examination devices for your accomplishment in exchanging. Another large preferred position is that they are completely adjustable.

iq option review

Widgets and indicators

At the most recent, there are various gadgets to tweak your exchanging stage. Watch the Current Buy/Sell proportion for the chose resource with the Traders Mood. You can produce distinctive exchanging thoughts hence. Moreover, it is conceivable to see the exchanges of different dealers in the outline. As I would see it, it very well may be an inspiration for your exchanging. Furthermore, spring up news is accessible legitimately in the diagram. The news relies upon your picked resource.

Trading Tutorial: How to trade with IQ Option

Level of intelligence Option offers a colossal decent variety of various money related items to exchange the markets. The most famous result of the dealer is Binary Options. From my experience IQ Option is probably the best merchant for double trading. Binary Options are the most exchanged item on the stage. Right now, will give you how it works.

On the off chance that you need to trade Binary Options successfully, you need to make the correct gauge of the market development. Hazard and benefit are constrained. Extraordinary for Binary Options is the expiry time. You need to pick between various time skylines. It very well may be longterm or present moment. The exchange naturally closes after the expiry time. Wager on rising or falling markets. The cost must be beneath or upper your entrance point.

Make a forecast for the market movement

How to trade Binary Options?

Example: EUR/USD -95%

Foresee the advantage value course in a specific expiry time and put away any measure of cash. On the off chance that you contribute 100$ and make the correct conjecture, you will win the exchange and get a payout of 195$. 100$ is the arrival of your venture and 95$ is the benefit. It is straightforward and you can rehearse it with a demo account. The benefit is fixed by the representative and the advantage development don’t impact it.

Then again, Forex/CFDs/Stocks/Cryptos will give you a benefit by moving in the correct method for your gauge. The further the business sectors go toward you the more benefit you will make. You can open and close the exchange whenever and limit your hazard with a stop-misfortune. What’s more, you can set programmed benefits with the take benefit. One the stage you can get familiar with it. Intelligence level Option offers a wide scope of instructive material for fledglings and propelled dealers.

How to trade Forex?

Forex is one of the adored markets in the world. Also, it is the most exchanged market with in excess of 3 trillion USD consistently. You can exchange various monetary forms against one another. Right now more than 174 Forex sets are accessible on the exchanging stage. The Forex exchanging is utilized up to 1:1000. That implies you can duplicate your speculation sum by in excess of multiple times. Before you begin exchanging you can pick your own influence of the exchange.

On the off chance that the money moves into your value heading, you will get benefit each moving point in the market. There are no expiry times and different principles like Binary Options. The stop-misfortune and the take-benefit are significant apparatuses in forex exchanging on the grounds that they consequently close the exchange on a specific cost. You can deal with your hazard with the exchanges.

Facts of Forex Trading with IQ Option:

  • In excess of 100 distinctive Forex-sets
  • Low spreads
  • High liquidity
  • Influence up to 1:500

Invest in international Stocks and ETFs (CFDs)

Stocks and ETFs are well known items like Forex. Pick between 10 distinctive stock trades (IQ Option improves decent variety) worldwide. You can go long or short on Stocks and ETFs. Additionally, the multiplier is accessible for them. Stocks are delicate to news. With the news-schedule, you can create exchanging thoughts rapidly on the exchanging stage.

ETFs resemble a stock assortment and exchanged on the stock trade. You can manufacture a wide-going portfolio with them. Stocks and ETFs are exchanged as CFDs (contract for contrast). You don’t need to purchase the basic resource for create a benefit. You simply purchase the agreement on any advantage you need. The favorable position is that you can go short and utilize a multiplier to expand your benefit.

Facts about Stock and ETF Trading:

  • Exchange stocks, wares, metals, crypto, and the sky is the limit from there
  • Low and serious spreads
  • Influence up to 1:500
  • Short exchanging is accessible

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IQ Option Cryptocurrencies (with leverage and without)

2017 and 2018 was the time of the new Cryptocurrencies. Some crypto trades halted to pull in new customers and they shut the enrollment. It resembled a pattern for putting away cash. In 2018 the market dropped down extremely hard. With IQ Option you can exchange the two bearings of the business sectors. This is absurd on the most exchanging stages. Exchange Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Iota and more on the stage.

These days 24 Cryptocurrencies are accessible to trade. Another large preferred position is the multiplier/influence for Cryptocurrencies. For instance, it is permitted to utilize a multiplier of 100x on Bitcoin. This is an immense measure of influence. So you can make more benefit on little market developments. What’s more, there are no medium-term expenses for exchanging crypto without influence. In end IQ Option is a standout amongst other adaptable crypto stages for quick putting away your cash.

How to use the Leverage/Multiplier

Level of intelligence Option offers enormous influence for some monetary products. Always the influence relies upon the exchanged resource. The most extreme influence is 1:1000. That implies in the event that you contribute 1$, you are exchanging the measure of 1000$ available. Different strategies are conceivable therefore. As I would see it, a multiplier is an extraordinary apparatus to build your benefit. For little speculations, it is important to utilize a multiplier. With IQ Option you can change the multiplier in each new exchange. This is a major preferred position in contrast with different intermediaries.

Mobile Trading for any device

These days versatile exchanging is here and there vital in view of political or principal news. Also, it is critical to check your portfolio when you away from the console. Level of intelligence Option gives a portable application to Apple (IOS) and Android clients. I was amazed by utilizing the portable application that the program is adaptable and smooth like the exchanging stage for program or work area.

Parallel Options are prohibited in the Appstore however you can exchange Forex/CFDs/Crypto with the apple application. In the application, you can legitimately talk with the help of IQ Option or visit with different brokers. This is a decent method to improve your outcomes or pose inquiries. There is no distinction in the request execution in the application or exchanging stage.

iq option review

IQ Option App


Learn to trade with the free Demo Account

Particularly for amateurs, it is imperative to work on exchanging the demo account. This is a record with virtual cash. So you exchange without chance. Level of intelligence Option offers you a free and boundless virtual record. With a single tick you can change between your genuine and demo account.

There is no contrast between the demo and genuine record. I tried it and the conditions are the equivalent. Moreover, it is significant for cutting edge merchants to improve their own procedure in the demo account. Straightforwardly in the stage, you can look as fledglings the instruction recordings and investigation of IQ Option.

The record is promoted at 10.000$. This is the best sum for testing the stage. On the off chance that you make some losing exchanges, you can simple recapitalize the record with a single tick. In end IQ Option offers one of the best demo accounts for exchanging.

Facts about the Demo Account:

  • Boundless
  • Free and no shrouded charges
  • Demo account with 10.000$
  • You can store virtual cash with a single tick

Open the real account is very easy

The real account is combined with your demo account. With one click you can change between these 2 accounts. For the registration, you only need your name, email and a secure password. The account opening only takes the time of 30 seconds. After the registration, you can start practice in the demo account or deposit your first money. It is possible to trade without verification.

I recommend doing a verification before you start investing real money because withdrawals without verification are not allowed. Just upload some personal documents and the account will be approved in less than 24 hours.

For beginners there is a complete tutorial on the IQ Option trading platform. For further questions, you can ask the chat-support.

  • Verification in less than 24 hours
  • Change between demo and real
  • Fast support for questions

Review of the deposit and withdrawal with IQ Option

Right now, will examine the store and withdrawal options. From my experience, the installment arrangement of IQ Option is truly outstanding. As a matter of first importance, you can begin with a little speculation measure of 10$. There are diverse installment techniques for store and withdrawal. Each exchange ought to have the option to benefit from his record.

Withdrawals are handled inside under 24 hours. IQ Option isn’t a trick, in light of the fact that regularly I paid out and I know a ton of different dealers who did it. Taking everything into account, the organization gives you the best help. You can utilize Creditcards, E-Wallets, Cryptos or Bankwire for your store and withdrawal.

Regulated and fast payments

These payment methods are available:

  • Bankwire
  • Credit Cards (Master/VISA)
  • Neteller
  • Skrill
  • Qiwi
  • AdvCash
  • AstroPay
  • Boleto

Is a bonus available?

Right now there is no reward for customers and their store. Previously, there was a store reward. These days they erased the reward on the grounds that lone a couple of merchants utilized this administration. As I would see it, the expert and fruitful merchant needn’t bother with a reward for their record to make a benefit.

Which fees can occur with IQ Option?

Are there any concealed expenses? – No, there are no shrouded expenses for you. Withdrawals and store are with no expenses. It is totally free. Also, there are a few expenses for the exchanging instruments and an inert charge:

  • Twofold Options: No expenses for exchanging.
  • Computerized Options: No expenses for exchanging.
  • Forex, CFD, Stocks, Crypto spread: You consistently pay the market spread of the benefit. The spread worth relies upon the benefit. For instance, mainstream resources got a lower spread. It is the contrast between the purchase and sells (offer and ask) cost in the market. Level of intelligence Option takes this expense for procuring cash and get paid. Contrasted with different handles the spread is low. Some of the time IQ Option makes an exceptional occasion with lower spreads. The normal spread is somewhere in the range of 0.010 and 0.030% in forex exchanging. Continuously you can see the spread straightforward in the exchanging stage.
  • Leverage: Leverage is obtained cash. In the event that you hold a position longer than one day with a multiplier, you will get charged a medium-term expense. This charge relies upon the advantage and the multiplier. You can see it straightforward in the stage or you can approach the help for help.
  • Latent fee: IQ Option charges an expense for inertia following 90 days. The charge is 50$. On the off chance that your record balance is zero, they can not charge this expense.

Record Types (VIP)

Level of intelligence Option offers a VIP represent stores more than 3000$. You will get a VIP-Manager, expanded benefit, better help, and one of a kind offers. Imperative to know is that you need to store more than 3000$ in one store. In the event that you store 3000$ in more than 1 installment, you don’t get the VIP-status.



Expanded productivity is a major preferred position for Binary Options. You procure more cash in your exchanges. The expanded productivity is somewhere in the range of 5% and 21%. It relies upon your exchanged resource. In the stage, you can see the arrival on speculation by an image beside the advantage.

iq option review

Increased profitability

Another bit of leeway is VIP-preparing. You will gain admittance to various PDFs just for VIP-individuals. Moreover, you can book direct meetings with your VIP-chief. The help is entirely agreeable and they will think about you in various manners. All in all, a VIP-account is a decent chance to get more benefit and information for your accomplishment in exchanging.

Competitions and Contests for novices and propelled dealers

Competitions and Contests for exchanging with Binary Options. By and large, in excess of 3 unique Tournaments are accessible for dealers. Each Contest got his own condition for exchanging. You can win a colossal measure of cash in a brief timeframe. Presently I will give you how the Tournaments are functioning:

On the off chance that you participate in one challenge, you will get an isolated record for the challenge. It resembles the demo account with virtual cash. Presently you need to make a benefit and go up against different dealers. Try not to explode the record else, you need to pay the enrollment expense once more. Here and there is a major prize pool of 100.000$. This is a decent method to procure cash with a little venture.

  • Realities about the fights:
  • Contend with different brokers
  • Pay an enrollment expense
  • Exchange with virtual challenge cash
  • Make as a lot of benefit as you can
  • The primary spots win a colossal measure of cash

Model: You can win cash with the spot of 30. This relies upon the Tournament.

iq option review (5)

Tournaments and Contests

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These countries are available for IQ Option Traders

As referenced before IQ Option is a universal broker. The exchanging industry is developing continually and more individuals like to put their cash in straightforward advances. Asia and Africa it the greatest zone of the intermediary. The specialist offers help in excess of 20 distinct dialects. It is various and they acknowledge in excess of 200 unique nations.

These nations are not acknowledged: the USA, Iran, Israel, Australia, Canada, North Korea, Japan, Latvia, Syria.

Indeed, Asian is the quickest developing business sector and the specialist attempt to improve their help for Asian brokers. Likewise, exchanging is lawful and extremely mainstream like betting however is IQ Option legitimate in India, South Africa, and different nations? – Yes, it is. After my examination, there are no illicit activities of the dealer for this area.

The specialist included diverse Asian and African nations to their offer:

  • Indonesia
  • Malaysia
  • Thailand
  • Philippines
  • India
  • Brasil
  • Ghana
  • South Africa

Are robots and exchanging signals given?

Robots and programmed exchanging are not given by IQ Option. In expansion, it is extremely hard to make a robot since they got their own one of a kind exchanging stage. So master counselors can’t be utilized.

Besides, there are no exchanging signals from the merchant. The agent favors that merchants utilize their own insight to make a benefit. In the merchant’s visit you can converse with different customers to produce exchanging thoughts. This is an approach to get signals from different merchants. By and by, I don’t care for signs and robots since you are not free on the off chance that you use them.

On the web, you will see recordings of IQ Option robots or bots which are exchanging with high benefit. This is to 99% a trick for your cash. You ought do whatever it takes not to utilize a bot in light of the fact that the vender needs to take your cash. Also, IQ Option doesn’t permit robotized exchanging. Your record can be restricted all of a sudden.

Survey of the help and client support for merchants

As a trustworthy dealer, IQ Option likewise offers a decent support of its clients. The bolster is accessible 24 hours every day through telephone, talk or email. For novices, there is major instruction community with more than 200 distinct recordings. What’s more IQ Option offers account administrators and VIP supervisors. They will assist you with understanding the stage better.

Moreover, IQ Option gives day by day examination and news to exchanging. You get to legitimately to advertise news through the stage. Taking everything into account, the help and administration of the organization are excellent. The greatest preferred position is the 24-hour support by means of visit.

Phone, Email, ChatMore than 20support@iqoption.com+44 80 0069 8644

Conclusion of my review: Is IQ Option legit?

Level of intelligence Option is fascinating for novices and propelled dealers. Unquestionably, IQ Option isn’t a trick. It is a dependable European intermediary for trading Binary Options, Forex, CFD and more. In decision, the agent offers a wide scope of money related items for the brokers. Above all else, I suggest utilizing the demo account. You will be shocked by how great the exchanging stage functions.

It is an across the board stage for the budgetary markets and one of the greatest. Level of intelligence Option is one of the most famous intermediaries on the planet and I can affirm that. This audit indicated you the realities and a ton of data about the organization. I think you are currently prepared to put resources into the stage by utilizing your cash and begin turning into a fruitful dealer.

Cheerful exchanging

The benefits of IQ Option:

European Broker

European managed

24 hour support

Start with a 10$ speculation

In excess of 500 unique resources

Decent variety of money related items

Across the board stage

High resource benefit of 100%+